Transitions… Commence!

Now that I have made it home after about a month of travels… I have slowly jumped into the transitions that are happening in our home. Changes are swirling about!

1) One of my housemates is getting married this week, so lots of wedding prep is in order as she prepares for the big day! Once I got home, we had a fun wine tasting for the reception and bow-tying for the wedding programs while catching up on life.

Lauren & Ginger opening up the wine for tasting
Lauren & Ginger opening up the wine for tasting
Making bows for the wedding programs
Making bows for the wedding programs

2) For those of you who are in the area, you may have noticed that there’s a sign outside our house noting that our home is for sale… or really, the sale is pending. While I was gone, the house was under all sorts of “changes” as they prepared to sell it. Since we rent, there were all kinds of parties involved in this process – thankfully, my wonderful housemates took care of all of these details while I was away.

“Sale Pending” sign outside our home
3) Even my bedroom and bathroom has had some changes, undergoing a makeover of sorts. No more wallpaper! I didn’t realize how much that crazy wallpaper had grown on me until it was no longer there. However, I think I like this much better.

No more wallpaper!
No more wallpaper!

4) My other housemate will be moving soon, so she’s in the process of packing up her life to prepare for her move. We’ve lived together for the past 3 years and it makes me sad to know that this season is coming to an end.

Looking for boxes in the garage...
Looking for boxes in the garage…

5) Since I don’t leave until June 2 for Peace Corps staging (location TBD), I’m planning on preparing for departure by selling and giving away most of my belongings. I’m looking forward to simplifying and only putting a few things into storage.

I’m learning to roll with it and embrace the changes as they come – continuing to learn along the way and be grateful for each day and the people I meet along the way.



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  1. You are a truly wonderful, caring and unselfish human being. I wish you continued joy and happiness on what will probably be one of your biggest adventures thus far!

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