Traveling Reflections…

While reflecting on my recent travels to visit with friends and family, I find myself being overwhelmed with a wave of emotions. I have been filled up and energized by being with many people who have been part of my life from the time I was born (hey, mom), to going back to college over 10 years ago (when did that happen?), to a few years ago meeting in State College and they’ve moved since then. I wish I could have been able to visit everyone that I wanted to see, but there was a limited time and budget to stick to.

Mt. Hood... I think?
Mt. Hood… I think?

I have been asked what my top highlights have been from my travels and it’s hard to choose just one – there are so many! One of the top highlights is a running theme through all my visits which was that I got to jump in and “do life” with so many of those I love. From going to the grocery store, visiting at work, jumping into a workout routine/run/zumba, to running errands around town – I loved every bit of it, mostly because it was time spent with them – something that I have come to realize is precious…our lives are so short… and really, we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. (Also, I have learned over time that quality time is my #1 love language.)

Relaxing… nap time and/or reading time?

This time was a gift from the Lord… truly, I am amazed at how things came together and worked out with little effort on my part. I have been learning what it looks like to receive; without guilt or thinking I have to earn it… this adventure has been a gift and I am so grateful for it and will cherish all these memories that have been created.

Admiring the view...
Admiring the view….

To recap my adventures, I’ve created an infographic – which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Since I love to be creative and like technology this was a perfect way to combine the two as I look back and reflect upon this “gift”…



Thanks to social media like FourSquare which made it easy to track all this information and Piktochart to create the infographic.

5 Replies to “Traveling Reflections…”

  1. Sara,
    I am the sister of a friend of your Mom’s.
    Sister: Loretta Gould
    I am so excited for you in your decision to journey…I will be following and praying for this season of your life. Your courage and grace are amazing.
    I know that I will learn an grow (yes I still want to grow at 62) just by observing you as you “step out”!
    Blessings to you this day!


    1. Thank you, Jane, I truly appreciate your prayers and encouragement! I’m so glad you’ll be following along and I’m looking forward to all that we’ll be learning together! 🙂


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