Having a Blast in Baltimore – Part 1

I boarded the Megabus from DC and made my way to Baltimore where I got to visit with this lovely lady, Nelli!


After dinner at one of her fav spots in town, we jumped in the car for her regularly scheduled Monday night routine of Zumba! I am so glad that I have been able to jump into life with my friends and do things like this, even though I was a bit sore the next day after this intense and fun workout.


Since Nelli had to work the next day it was early to bed and early to rise – the next day I rode into work with Nelli and then came back to read fall asleep. I realized after my long unintended “nap” that I have been going non-stop for the past 3 weeks and a crash was bound to happen. Thankfully, I was able to rest up before meeting Nelli for lunch where I met her at work and was able to bring along a sweet treat for the afternoon!

Hard at work
Nelli at work

After lunch with Nelli I made my way to a nearby Starbucks so I could get some more Peace Corps paperwork completed. Once Nelli was done with work we made our way to meet her fantastic fiance, Ben in Annapolis for dinner by the water!

Nelli & Ben


I enjoyed Annapolis by the water and loved how relaxing and calm it is. Perfect for an evening out with friends!

Annapolis, MD
Annapolis, MD

It was a short visit and yet a great time to catch up with these friends before their big day ahead. It was fun to jump into their routine and see a bit of their lives here in MD. I am so grateful for their hospitality and friendship. Until next time…. multumesc! (thank you!)

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