Sleepover in Seattle

After spending a week in Oregon, Pat, Becca, and I ventured to Seattle for the weekend for my first visit to Washington.


It was an action-packed and amazing time in the city…I learned a lot from them from some of their previous trips that makes me want to learn more about the history of Seattle.


After a seemingly long trip heading North, what trip wouldn’t be complete without a few random pit-stops along the way for some laughs and sustenance?

Doing a little shopping...
Doing a little “shopping”…
Lunch at Beaches... where I was really excited about seeing water and having lunch along the Columbia River right after we crossed into Washington
Lunch at Beaches… where I was really excited about seeing water and having lunch along the Columbia River right after we crossed into Washington

When we finally made it into the city…we were greeted by Captain America and many other characters as we made our way to the hotel. Looks like we picked the same weekend as Comic-Con…where it’s normal to see a power ranger and a Jedi crossing the street together. Perfect.

Captain America crossing the street
Captain America crossing the street

We checked into this great little boutique hotel located about a block from the Public Market called the Moore Hotel. If you ever get a chance to travel to Seattle, I highly recommend it – you will get a unique experience and you can’t beat price for the location. Apparently it can’t be found on any of the he travel search sites (hence the reason why they still had rooms available when we found it).


Which brings us our “sleepover in Seattle” theme for the weekend, we laughed through the quirks that our room had to offer with a “just the right size” room for 3 and the teeny-tiny sink right next to my bed…and the shared bathrooms down the hall…. (Apparently some rooms do have bathrooms, but we opted for the full experience), in addition to the variable temperatures of warm and hot. A great place for making great memories.


After we checked into our quaint hotel, we braced for the rain in the rainy city of Seattle and immediately made the quick walk to the Public Market….


…saw the disgusting wall of gum. Really, this is a “thing” to do and see while here?

Not amused...
Not amused…

Walked around and took in all the sights, sounds, and smells…


We made our way down to the port/piers for some dinner…


…and found a carousel, where we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a ride. Why not?! Big smiles and laughter for all…even for the bystanders…ha!




We ate dinner along the pier – fresh fish and chips of course…



…continuing our journey of exploring the city as the sun set and the night lights made an appearance…



…to escape the rain we found a cute gelato place where we all laughed until tears were streaming down faces… This is my favorite laughter-moment that has been documented with these two…

“Wait for it… wait for it…”
Laughter ensued…
Cr-aughter (crying + laughter) begins…


What was so funny you ask? If you know all 3 of us then you’ll know it doesn’t take much to have us rolling on the floor laughing with one another…this was just one of those times that will probably never be repeated…or just have Pat tell some ridiculous story and see what happens.

Pat #wins…

I think I have fallen in love with a city…and would be game for going back anytime.

Flowers available for purchase at the Public Market
Flowers available for purchase at the Public Market

Day 2 in Seattle is up next… … Stay tuned…

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