Sleepover in Seattle: Day of Exploring

During our visit/”sleepover in Seattle” we rose with the early morning and made our way back down to the Public Market before the rest of the city was awake. This is one of my favorite things to do – rise early and get out before the rest of the world is up – get out, see the sun rise, and get things done.


On this morning, we were able to see the city wake up as stores prepared to open and beat the crowds to the popular destination spots like Starkbucks on Pike St. We got to chat with the baristas and check out Starbucks’ first location all while no one else was around…


We strolled over to the Public Market and watched as the market came alive as the vendors put out their produce, flowers, fish, and goods…and Pat made a beautiful flower purchase for Becca…


And I picked out a fun apple for eating later… Next we made it over to Piroshki Piroshki, a Russian bakery where they pump out the amazing smells just as fast as they make the pastries.


We were one of the first to taste some of these delicious baked goods that morning, all while sitting in their small bakery – which would be impossible later with the amount of people that come through there usually.


Next stop, we made our way to a local cheese shop where they made some of their cheeses right there – I was excited to get some fresh cheese curds to go with the apple I picked up at the public market for later…


After a little bit of rest and checking out of the hotel, we continued our explorations as we made our way toward the Space Needle after some lunch at a little market cafe where I completed my apple and cheese curd lunch with some other healthy treats…


…and as I titled Pat as the most patient man on earth as we stopped at about every blooming flower and picturesque spot along the way…


…and tried macaroons for the first time! Apparently they’re the next upcoming craze coming up just like the cupcake-craze…


It ended up being a beautiful sunny day in Seattle and we jumped at the opportunity to see the stunning view from the space needle…



The Chihuly glass museum was right next door so we opted to check it out as well…




I think my level of excitement far exceeded the capacity of my body…being with 2 dear friends, colorful art, stunning glass sculptures, amazing views, and sunshine…I could have hugged many strangers in my excitement – but that’s not okay, so I didn’t.


Before leaving the city we stopped at the largest REI store I have ever been to – it was incredibly overwhelming and really neat to see all the adventure and active gear anyone could possibly think of…they even had a restaurant there. Crazy and convenient.


After a fun-filled amazing time in Seattle we traveled to Portland so I could fly out the next day to head off to my next destination.

As I write this post, tears are welling up in my eyes…my heart is so full and yet I am sad that I won’t see these friends for a long while. Lord only knows where our paths will take us all next and when we’ll see one another again… I am so grateful for this time to have spent with them and the new memories we have created together…so, until next time… I say farewell to the West coast with a joyful heart and grateful tears.


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