Laughter & Random Adventures in Oregon

With the nature of it being spring break here for OSU and the rainy weather that has been forecast, we’ve been taking each day as it comes and making plans as we go. It has been nice and quite fun to see what each day holds as I have been trying to embrace each moment instead of wondering what is next…

It is spring here in Oregon and I have been really impressed with how green it is here. It’s beautiful!


I’ve joined my friends for their routine workout for the past 2 mornings and I am regretting that decision… although, I have to admit that I know it is good for me and have been laughing at myself as I attempt climbing stairs today.

Our time together has included lots of meals, including waffles one morning that instigated A LOT of laughter. I won’t spoil the outcome of the story, but I do have to say that it is a memory that I will remember always and has increased my love of making breakfast together, especially waffles. Also, note the delicious healthy green smoothie that we also had for breakfast – I think it’s a staple in most homes here. 😉


I am thankful for new memories… and for playing games with new & old friends. I am looking forward to trying my new strategies that I picked up while playing Dominion this week…


I love random adventures with this gal…


…and saw how it also runs in her family as her brother, Chris was also up for the random adventure challenge and picked out some really fun things for us to do one of the days including visiting a nearby city Salem, OR… (which is also the capital of Oregon – which does have a lumberjack on the top of it’s capital building, true story).


We took a historic tour of this home that was originally built in the 1800’s and learned a lot of really neat historical facts about homes especially with the Queen Anne style of architecture…


I loved the attention to detail as we toured through this big beautiful home…




We tried some savory crepes at a local coffee & creperie…


…and we found Rogue Farm not far from Salem, OR as we learned all about the process the farm goes through to grow hops, chestnuts, pumpkins, and roses to make their brews.

A map of the Rogue Farm property and what is growing where

We sampled some of the Rogue beers they had on tap… my favorites were the pumpkin ale and also the “snickers” stout.


…and learned that the summer is the best time to visit to see the hops grow in their full vertical state in their hop fields.

Where the hop vines will grow – best time is May/June.

We met some new friends along the way…


…and found a rainbow between the rains.


I am so grateful for the laughter and new spaces & places to explore with these friends.


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