West Coast Wonders…

After leaving Chicago, my next flight took me to the West Coast to visit some more dear friends, Rebecca and Patrick who live in Oregon. The adventure started off right away with a trip to IKEA from the airport in Portland with one of Becca’s students for his first experience… which included lots of laughs and fun finds…


I’m so excited to spend some quality time with these two for the week!


I was welcomed warmly and with great attention to detail…

State College map, a fox, and fun blue vase with purple flowers – all brought a smile to my face
Minions! Wha…?!

For dinner we walked to one of the closer restaurants to their home and ate some Middle Eastern food at this little gem in their community – yum!


Pat, Chris, Sara, and Becca at dinner at Bazaar

The next day started off early with a day full of adventures ahead with a day trip with some International students that Becca works with at Oregon State University. Since it’s their spring break this week only a few of them are still in the area and day trips to various places are on the agenda. Becca’s brother is also visiting as he is passing through to his move to Seattle, so we both joined in on the fun for the day… We loaded into the vans and made our first stop at Multnomah Falls…  in the rain…



Sadly we couldn’t cross the bridge because a big rock had fallen earlier this year and made a rather large hole that prevented anyone from crossing…oops.


At the next stop we learned all about how electricity is provided for about 900,000 homes in Oregon and Washington from the Bonneville Dam. It was fascinating to learn the history and terminology as we took a tour of this facility and learned about the fish ladders, which sadly at this time of year didn’t have any fish making their way through it right now.

The fish ladders (not what I originally imagined)
I played a part in the demo on how the electricity got to the homes… I played the part of the…. light bulb.
Becca and Sara in the “powerhouse”…
Clouds surrounding the mountains around the dam

Next, we visited the nearby fish hatchery and saw an assortment of fish – tiny-size and ginormous – the pics don’t really do it justice…

I think this guy was the 10 ft. sturgeon named Herman


The sun finally came out once we made it to our next stop at the Vista House for some stunningly beautiful views of the Columbia River…



The Vista House
Chris (Becca’s brother), Becca, and Sara


The next stop took us to Portland where we stopped at a large Asian Supermarket for dinner and shopping…


We had dinner at Pho Ngon, a Vietnamese Restaurant where I ventured into trying Vietnamese food for the first time… the waitress was adamant on what I should order. I trusted her decision and obliged on the beef noodle soup (which would make my “belly much happier” she noted)… good to know. 🙂


It was quite a full day and a half and my heart has spilled over with JOY… I am so grateful to be able to spend this time with these friends and enjoy some new adventures with them!


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