Next stop… Dallas, TX

The next stop of my adventure took me to Dallas, TX where I got to spend some time with a dear friend who was there for a conference for work. She lives in Michigan and is from the south, so it was fun to meet her in the south in a new city.


I got in Tuesday afternoon just in time for an early dinner where we were able to make it to a recommended restaurant by KQ for some amazing burgers at Twisted Root. I opted for a Tex Mex burger to step outside my comfort zone and even tried the fried green beans. It was a great welcome to the city with some delish food.

Dinner at Twisted Root
Really good burgers from Twisted Root

We did a bit of touring the city by car that night and I enjoyed all the lights and sights of historic architecture and iconic Dallas hot-spots.


On Wednesday while my friend went onto her conference I got to take my time doing a little exploring and discovered a fun coffee shop where I settled in for a few hours to do some reading, emails, and to continue to get some final paperwork done for the Peace Corps.

Coffee at the Flying Horse Cafe

I was able to meet up with my friend, Beth for the afternoon so we could both do some exploring together. We meandered our way through the city to various places including Dealy Plaza and checked out some of the spots they had there for the JFK Memorial and other random things like the large eye ball hanging out in it’s own green space in downtown.

JFK Memorial
Random giant eyeball in downtown Dallas
Discovered a fish tank on our long walk around downtown

We tried 2 Mexican restaurants that day and found that we preferred the local one that had been there since the early 1920’s.

Lunch at the Iron Cactus – check out the fried avocado!
Dinner at El Finix Restaurant
Great Mexican food at El Fenix Restaurant

On the Peace Corps front of things…I am happy to report that I received my final medical clearance!! After all the paperwork and back and forth to the doctors offices over the past 2 months I am so glad that part is over.


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