Pittsburgh Adventures

Monday, March 17 – St. Patricks Day!
My first day of travel started out early as I snuck in some early morning quality time with some friends before leaving for about a month of travels. 5:00 am came quickly since I was up late trying to fit a month of “stuff” for various climates into my suitcase… I spent some early morning time with one of my housemates since we both realized that would be our only time to see one another before I left, and then I journeyed out to a fun local coffee shop, Callao Cafe for some breakfast and coffee with another friend before she left for work.

Once I got back to the house my other housemate helped me with some last minute details like printing out my travel documents before we said our goodbyes and she left for work. (I have learned the hard way that even though technology is great and saves paper; having printed documents of your travels is still a good idea)

I ran some last minute errands and finished packing before my friend, Kyra picked me up to drive to her hometown in Pittsburgh. We had a great time of catching up as time seemed to slip by at a fast pace. I got to meet some delightful family friends of hers who hosted us for the evening. I got the hometown tour and got a glimpse of Kyra’s childhood and what growing up in her neighborhood would have been like.


We visited some local dining favorites like “Drew’s” (as they called it) as others were pointed out along the way. If you ever end up taking a step back in time at “Drew’s Restaurant” and you want to order pancakes; make sure to ask how big they are…which I have decided should be a required question now when ordering such breakfast food. The 3 pancakes were bigger than my head. No joke. I think Kyra is still laughing about it.

Then Kyra took me for a driving tour of downtown Pittsburgh – I enjoyed checking out all the sights as we drove around for a bit before heading back for a long brisk and energizing walk…which I really needed and am grateful that the day was perfect for it. Later in the evening we “celebrated” St. Patricks Day with some green sweets…



Tuesday, March 18
Since my flight was leaving at noon, we wanted to get in some more quality time and breakfast. Kyra took me to a really fun place called “The Square Cafe” – a local bright spot with fun colorful colors and an energetic atmosphere. I enjoyed their tag line – “Eat. Play. Love.” and tried the “Last Unicorn” latte, which made me want to hug the waitress, it was that good – I’ve never had a lavender, vanilla, white chocolate latte before, and I think I have a new fav. The food was amazing, fresh, and flavorful. I would definitely go back again.



After breakfast we made our way to the Pittsburgh airport and said our “goodbyes for now” …. I breezed my way through the PGH airport until my flight which would take me to the next part of my adventure.


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