March on-up-date

The last time I posted was earlier this month about the theme of “Marching On” and creating goals for the month of March. I’m hoping to also carry on this theme throughout the rest of this year and will hopefully be continuing with some of these goals on an ongoing basis.

So checking in…how are things going?

So far so good…I picked up some new running shoes. It’s getting serious now and thankfully I am no longer in pain while running. It’s amazing what a difference new shoes make!
I’ve got a great running buddy who has helped me even shave off a little bit of time!


Unfortunately winter hasn’t completely left us here yet, so today I decided not to run but to curl up with a blanket, hot cup of tea and a book. It doesn’t look much better the rest of this week either. I’ll try to get out there hopefully at least twice…even with the impending weather.


I’ve been learning how to code, so far I have made it through the first online section on writing HTML… Doing a little bit at a time. Trying to do some lunch-time learning at least twice a week over my lunch break… I had to laugh at myself today because I’ve already got my mind full with all that I have been learning with my job – why not add more? 🙂

The rest of those goals I made earlier this month…. more on those another time.


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