Because goals are so FUN

For the month of March I’ve challenged myself to create some goals and recently posted about it a couple of days ago. Tonight I had the opportunity to spend some time with my 7 year old little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters and we talked about goal-setting. It was quite funny because I think I spent most of time talking about what goals were than I did about the actual goal we were going to set.

I’ve been so proud of her – she has been doing really well in school. Lately, she has been bringing home 100%’s on her spelling tests. I talked with her about the possibility of setting a goal for the next couple of weeks for her to bring home more 100%’s on her spelling tests. I didn’t think she was listening… until I dropped her off at home tonight.

My little is telling her mom about our time together this evening…
Lil: “Mommy! Sara and I set some goals!”
Me (thinking in my head): I didn’t think she heard me when we talked about creating goals… whoa!
Mom: “Really?!” (Looks at me quizzically)
Lil: “Yes! If I bring home 100%’s on my spelling tests a couple of weeks in a row… THEN I GET A GOAL!!!” (she even did a little jump and arm raise with this statement!)
Me: (laughs) “Yes… yes – you’re right… you would reach your goal…”

I was surprised… I didn’t think she was listening when we talked about it earlier that night. We didn’t even set a “If you do this, then you get this” kind of goal – which I am glad about… she’s just excited about accomplishing her goal. How often do I set goals for myself and create ‘rewards’ once I reach those goals or accomplish something? (which isn’t a bad thing, just another way to encourage and motivate). I laughed the whole way home thinking about how much she has been teaching me about life.

Another funny quote from this evening was when we were talking about school and she was telling me about her teacher…

Me: “How old is your teacher?”
Lil: “Hm, oh I don’t know…”
Me: “Do you think she’s about my age?”
Lil: “Oh no… she’s MUCH younger!”
Me: “Oh yes, of course she is…” (and I try not to laugh out loud)

Here’s to March… to making goals and moving forward even if we ‘fail’… keep on keeping on. God’s got it anyway and I’m learning so much along the way.


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