Marching On… Marching Forth… on March Fourth!

Last month I challenged myself to counting joy each day and found it to be a great perspective shift for me and I am still finding myself counting joy throughout the day even after the challenge is over. I hope that I continue to count joy each day even as this year continues.

Now that it is March I have a new challenge… to march forward – move forward, don’t look back at the past but move in a forward direction. I thought it was appropriate to share this on March 4th… as it is march forth! Fun, right?

So this month I would like to make some goals to work/march toward…

1) To get back into running and run at least 3 times a week and sign up for a fun race in the near future. I’m looking for a running buddy to run between the hours of 5-6pm M-F and possibly early mornings on the weekends. If you live in the area and are up for running with me, let me know!

2) Clear my schedule to make space for some quiet time and some listening… and/or get up early in the morning to start out the day with quiet vs. rushing out the door.

3) Possibly make some goals with my 7 year old little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters

4) Continue to learn! I’ve been wanting to learn more about coding so what a better time than now?

5) A friend has recently challenged me to try online dating… I tried it for 20 minutes and deleted the accounts I created already. Maybe I’ll revisit that one later this week.

Here’s to new adventures in moving forward… marching on… in March!

Cue song ” Marchin On” by OneRepublic… 


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