Counting joy with laughter

The end of February is almost here which also will be marking the end of my counting joy challenge for the month…for now. I may bring it back throughout the year, perhaps just not writing about it every day.

Today I counted joy through laughter…

Laughter over dinner with a friend as we caught up on life (and got a photo with “Cookie”….) and discussed some options for my challenge for next month. Anyone willing to throw out some suggestions?


And more laughter as I try to figure out where the leak in my air mattress is before traveling again this weekend… How does one fix an air mattress? Here’s how I think it works…put the air mattress on the bed and sleep there…listen for the leak, find the source where the air is escaping…and try not to fall out of “bed”.
Well, maybe.


If anyone can shed light on how to figure out where the leak is and how to fix it I am open to suggestions.


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