Counting joy: it feels like Friday

I have been counting joy for the month of February, today is day 21 and it felt like Friday. I’m glad it’s not Friday quite yet (even though I love Fridays) because time goes by too fast already and I would have rushed through another week in a blink of an eye. I appreciate it more when I am able to slow things down and stop and breathe in the moment. Life is too short.

In my day that felt like Friday but wasn’t…I woke up at 4:30 am without an alarm and was able to start my day with some peace and quiet time before the busyness of the day took over. This is something I would love to have happen more as I find it starts my day off so much better. Joy counted.

I am feeling a little under the weather today and am hoping I’m not getting a head cold again… however, I am grateful that it puts things in perspective and I appreciate being healthy so much more when I’m sick.

Today continued with the techno challenges, but JOY hcame when all was resolved by 4:27pm (my day ends at 4:30) – there was rejoicing and dancing and there would have been high fives for everyone…but I don’t think anyone else was excited as I was nor did did they care as much. Either way, I was excited and it was a full day of more learning the ins and outs of technology.

And on my way home I was warmly welcomed by this beautiful scene, but only for a little bit…JOY!


Since I’m not feeling well it’s off to bed early for me… Early bedtime?! Yes, please!



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