Choosing Joy even when I don’t want to

For the month of February I have challenged myself to count joy throughout each day. Today marks the 20th day… It’s hard to believe the end of the month is almost here.

However, I found today to be challenging to count joy. But yet, I will choose joy even in these moments when I really don’t want to count it as joy…

Driving into work my car started making crazy noises I never heard before like metal scraping metal and grinding… which I came to the conclusion is not okay. I called my favorite car place where they they know me by name (yay for great customer service) and I was told to bring it in immediately. I went over at lunch time not sure what to expect or how the details of me getting back to work would pan out – but I knew… God’s got it, so no need to worry. Thankfully, they looked at it immediately and they weren’t able to find anything wrong with it. They thought that maybe some stones made their way into some car part (It sounds like my car had kidney stones??) which apparently could cause crazy noises. (Learned something new!) I am grateful that’s all it was. Counting joy.

I work with technology during the day and it seemed that today was the day for issues with software, soundboards, updates, and numbers. It all certainly had me scratching my head and wondering how I got here. So, today… I choose joy in troubleshooting issues. Honestly, I don’t really want to, but I will. I am thankful for the opportunity as I learn about tiny buttons that cause havoc and new updates that don’t update.

These are just a few of the things that happened that I could kinda share as I count joy from the day…it got me thinking about counting joy vs. choosing joy… some are easier to count than others. Some I count reluctantly, some with excitement, some enthusiasm and others with pain. As I think about what things I would choose to hold onto… I would rather choose joy over pain, peace over sorrow, love over jealousy and selfishness. I don’t always choose the ‘right’ thing, but I’m learning. I continue to be a glorious mess… and I am a work in progress.

God has been doing a heart-work in my heart and life and this is all part of it. What will I count today…will I choose joy even when I don’t want to? Will I allow peace to cover me beyond my understanding even when I’m hurting? When I am confronted with these questions each day, I hope I say yes. I want to choose joy and count it in all circumstances…

“Rejoice in The Lord always.” – Philippians 4:4


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