Counting joy: A full weekend (a 2 day combo)

I’ve been counting joy in the month of February each day and since I was traveling this weekend I will be combining a couple of days of counting joy since it was such a fun-filled weekend. Spans Saturday into Sunday 15-16th.

After leaving my friends’ place in Maryland, I headed north for a couple of hours to Lancaster to visit some more college friends. I was grateful to get there before this little one’s bed time and just in time for story time…


My friend had recently finished her scrapbooks from our college years so we had a late evening as we stayed up laughing and taking a journey back into those memorable and life-changing years… Some memories I had forgotten like this one…. Celebrating my 21st birthday dancing with salt & pepper shakers on a chair or was it the table? Yeah…

And some more memorable like the places we lived in shared life together for a few years…



After much laughter and remembering some fun times, we knew the next day ahead was going to be a busy one so it was best to rest up and end our catching-up-on-life for the time being. I counted joy for a good nights sleep next to their heat source in their home.


The next day, the sun greeted me brilliantly through the windows of their farmhouse. What a joyous way to start the day!


I LOVE their family and I certainly don’t get enough time to see these little ones. They are growing up so fast! It just so turned out that the weekend I was able to make it was the dedication at church for their youngest child.



I am honored to call them friends and grateful that I was able to witness their son’s dedication this weekend. It really struck me when I saw all the families get up in the front of the church to dedicate their children and realized what they were really doing… Surrendering their best fruit, their best gifts that God has given them and surrendering these children to God. Wow. That’s powerful stuff.



Afterward I got to spend some quality time with their families over a delicious meal prepared by my talented friend. I love that I’ve gotten to know both sides of their families since they’ve been married and I feel like I’m part of their family.


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