Counting joy with friends in MD

During the month of February I challenged myself to count joy each day. Today is the 16th day of February… and also the 16th day of counting joy.

I had the opportunity to visit friends from college in Maryland before their newest addition to their family arrives. After a morning of sleeping in a little bit my friend and I headed to lunch to a fun place called Habib’s Kabob/Bagel Cafe – where they sold Kabob’s and bagels. It was a fun place and had great food! Our quest for the day was to keep my friend well fed – challenge accepted. 🙂



We had some great falafel sandwiches! Yum!

After lunch we headed to a fun store I had never been to before called ROOTS. It was an organic and natural foods kind of store located in a plaza that also had other stores that were organic and natural. Quite fun!



These were my favorite finds that I discovered at Roots! Natural honey roasted peanut butter and Mango spread! The peanut butter is ah-mazing… I now have a favorite peanut butter.



This store had some fun recycled glassware that I thought was great! Loved all the bright colors and that it was all recycled glassware.IMG_4178

I was a little confused for a bit… from far away these palm trees looked real. They were not… I have to admit that I thought I had gone further south for a moment.


It was so great to see my friends for a short visit this weekend – lots of joy counted… now onto my next stop!


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