Counting JOY in snowy travels

During the month of February I have been counting joy each day. Today marks the 15th day as I continue along this challenge for myself…

This morning started with a beautiful sunrise on my way into work today…


Later in the day after work I traveled to Maryland to visit some friends for a fun-filled weekend. However, the rainy weather quickly turned to a heavy snow halfway through my travels. I got about an hour away and had to stop at the nearest exit because it was getting tough to see the road with the white stuff that was falling heavily and quickly.


I decided to try to wait out the storm and found a large parking lot where many other cars were also waiting out the storm for a bit. Eventually I got restless waiting in the car and found a Wal-Mart nearby.


I had quite the adventure in the store while waiting and it seemed that a few others were also roaming around the store for a bit as well. I found some interesting things during this grand adventure along my travels to MD…

This one made me laugh… “because men smell…” which was found… in the card aisle. I’m not exactly sure how they go together, but apparently it works for them…


And for those floors that you just don’t want to clean with a broom or mop they have… the slipper genie… “Clean while you walk” … the song Party Rock was in my head when I saw these… “Everyday I’m shufflin’… shufflin’, shufflin’ …”


I came to the conclusion that it is much more fun to get stuck in a freak-snow-storm with someone else – not so much fun to travel alone as you find yourself laughing at yourself and the circumstances. There’s no one to laugh with you… except perhaps the man who you find following you around the store (yep, that happened). After I had enough of Wal-Mart, I decided to brave the storm and continue along the highway with the rest of the traffic going 45 mph when it’s supposed to be 65 mph.

I ventured into the yucky, slushy, snow… got back into my car and confidently drove the rest of the way to MD… Image

…in Maryland there wasn’t any snow. Just rain and snow flurries. Joy counted.

Once I made it to my destination, I was greeted by my wonderful friends who stayed up late for me and we caught up briefly over a late night snack of homemade blueberry pie! Yum!

I am grateful that I made it safely to their place… we recounted that every time I have come to visit in the past, something usually ends up happening to me in my travels. Next time, I will try to be more prepared for that unknown adventure… but then, again… you can never be prepared for what is unknown.


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