Counting joy on a sweet Valentines Day

This month I have challenged myself to count joy each day throughout February, today is the 14th day and it’s also Valentines Day.

The day started out with a delivery of Girl Scout cookies that I ordered a few months ago! Happy Valentines day to me!


I have some terrific housemates as they had some gifts and treats I found at various points throughout the day…


My evening was incredibly sweet as I got to spend some quality time with some great kiddos!

My 7 year old little sister (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I did some shopping for a fun activity for us to do together next time. We had a good time doing some shopping at the local craft store and trying to choose a fun thing that fit in the budget/gift card. There was even a little left over for her to pick something out for herself as a Valentine treat. The highlight of my time with her was when we were leaving to go to the store and she told me that she’d rather go to my house…I informed her that the only things at my house to do were laundry and dishes. And her response was “Yeaaahhh!! I’ll help you!!” I was so confused…who knew that could be fun for a 7 year old. However, once we talked about it a little more we decided that going shopping would indeed be more fun for our time together. Too cute.

After dropping her off I then headed over to a friends house so I could babysit their girls while they went out for the evening. When I got there the girls were already asleep so I enjoyed some quiet time while I worked on a secret project. About an hour or two after my friends left, one of the girls woke up and joined me for the rest of my evening… We read some books and then she joined me in making a secret Valentine for her mommy and daddy.


When my friends came back they had a sweet treat and some flowers for me. I almost started crying right there, my heart was full and I felt so cared for. I am grateful.



This has been one of my top favorite Valentine’s days so far, it was full of lots of sweet people and and kids in my life. Lots of joy counted today and for that I am so grateful,


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