Counting joy in sunrises, snow, and brokenness

Today marks the 13th day where I have been counting joy each day for the month of February.

The morning commute into work brought a big smile to my face as I got to see this incredible sunrise view..


I had to take my car into get an oil change and other maintenance stuff checked out so I took care of this over my lunch break. Thankfully I had some fantastic friends to help me out with this. I am so grateful for my friend who picked me up from the auto shop to take me back to work and he even brought me lunch! It was great to catch up with him since I haven’t seen him in a few months. Then after work, another friend came and picked me up with her two sweet girls and we briefly got to catch up on the short drive to pick up my car. I am incredibly blessed to have these people in my life and so many more like them.

As I was headed on my way to workout it started to snow, it’s crazy to think that this is the same spot I saw the sunrise this morning! It ended up snowing a lot in a short amount of time.


Later that evening I went to volunteer at our local emergency homeless shelter, Out of the Cold. Since our local homeless shelter is currently full, area churches have stepped up and opened their doors in the evenings during the cold winter months to host those who don’t have a place to sleep or call home. I’ve met some great people through this program and heard some incredible stories. It certainly has opened my eyes to some issues in our community like affordable housing and I now have names, faces and their stories that have given me an entirely different perspective. My heart has been changed, it is not the same… and I find myself asking, what now? What do I do with this… with these things that keep changing my heart?

Broken, I am broken and for that, I count joy.


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