Lessons from my windshield wipers

I recently noticed that my windshield wipers on my car haven’t been doing their best job at allowing me to see out my window lately. I put off  changing them for the past couple of weeks… thinking “it’s not that bad, they’re still doing their job”… “I’ll fix it later…” …”I could probably let them go a little bit longer – maybe change them in the spring when it’s not so cold.”

However, I realized that I should probably change them when they started to look like… this.


I tried to change them myself after some great encouragement from a new friend who gave me detailed verbal instructions on how to change them… I think I missed some key components in those directions. They continued to stay on my car and got worse as the days went on. I shouldn’t have let them get this bad… it got to the point I quit using them (bad timing with the snow).


I finally called my dad to ask him about how to change them. His response surprised me, he tried to figure out with his schedule how he could get to me by the end of the day so he could change them for me. He was at my home the next morning and had my old wipers off my car by the time I could make it out the door to meet him. I even got the WRONG wiper blades to replace them, so he took them to the store to be exchanged with the correct ones and then replaced them for me all while I carried on with the rest of my day. I felt so incredibly loved. He didn’t have to do that, but he did because he’s my dad and he loves me. Now I can see so much better out my windshield!

It made me think… how often do I let myself get worn out like this? I need help and yet I’m still trying to function with the little resources that I have left to hold onto. I’m not doing my best work (although I may think I am) and I’m making a lot of noise and causing a scene. I try to ‘fix’ things on my own and do it myself, but in all reality I do need help – I need others in my life who know how to do these things and help me through it. God used the love of my earthly father to show me His love, my Heavenly Father’s love toward me. He can and will refresh and renew me when I get worn down and need a change of heart so my perspective is better… so it’s changed. A lesson I’m sure I will continue to learn… over and over again.


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