Counting Joy with sweet friends

As I have been counting joy this month I have come to realize how much change there has already been for this year. Today marks the 9th day of counting joy…

Today started with my dad coming to fix my windshield wipers, which I am SO grateful for. You can read more about this learning adventure here.

Next I was greeted by this friend who came to pick me up for our fun-filled day ahead of us… “Aren’t you excited Katy?!” I like mornings, however some people do not ..


One of my sweet housemates packed us some pancakes-to-go… I called them little bundles of joy! How sweet is this?! They were even individually wrapped for each of us and still warm!


We were on our way to help some friends move. I am sad to see them move but excited for them to start this new chapter of their lives (and in warmer temps!) counting the joy for them as they begin this new adventure together…


There was some hilariousness that ensued while we found our way to a marathon of sorts while some napped and others laughed and I worked away on a secret project…(which will be revealed another day)


The day ended with a large gathering of friends as a farewell to our friends who are departing (sniffle) tomorrow… such a sweet way to end the day with friends gathered around the table sharing a meal together before they drive away in the moving truck.



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