Counting Joy: Day 7…

For the month of February I have been counting joy each day. Here we are at day 7, a full week into the challenge. I feel like I have been more aware of things around me and that my eyes have been opened fully. My hope is that it doesn’t stop after this one month but continues on through the rest of my life. A perspective shift – a counting-joy-in-each-day shift.

I noticed the salt-stained patterns in our driveway and thought they looked cool. I also know that they’d be disappearing soon with the snow they’re calling for tomorrow so I had to capture them before they disappeared…


Later this evening I enjoyed a sweet time with some beautiful friends as we gathered to celebrate our dear friend who is moving south in a few days.

Food, friends, and laughter surrounded the table. Beautiful joy.


An adventurous oddesey of chocolate = adventurous taste testing!


Burning candles…finally! How many years have these been around?


Love these ladies. So. Much. Joy.
(Photo of whole group)


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