Counting joy: it’s Wednesday

For the month of February I have been counting joy each day. Today marks day #6 which was full of laughter, sweat, and some time with new and dear friends…

My lunch hour of running to the grocery store greeted me with a burst of joy when I opened my trunk to get a reusable bag and I discovered scare, the scarecrow….which has been an on going prank between a few friends for about 1-2 years now. He found his way into my trunk at some point his weekend… And I found him today.

This afternoon a group of us ladies got together to challenge and encourage one another through a workout. Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have been getting together to work out for about 25 minutes – I think we all left with our legs feeling like jello today. Counting joy for the ability to move and work out and for sore muscles.

This evening I spent some time with some friends – we ended up playing this new game (to me) called dominion well into the late evening. Now that I think I got the hang of it, I’d be up for playing again. Counting joy for making new friends, meeting new people and their sweet little dogs and continuing to learn how to listen.




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