Counting Joy: dishes in the sink

During the month of February I have challenged myself to counting joy each day…today marks the 5th day.


I just finished washing dishes… I’m counting joy because of the wonderful people who were here this evening to gather together for a meal and share life. Each week we gather for a small group bible study (we call them life groups). Tonight we made dinner and ate together – I am so grateful for each of them in my life.

Since we were having an Italian(ish) meal I thought I’d find some Italian music to play over dinner, when I did a search on songza the one that popped up was a group called The Itals…. They weren’t Italian, but they were a Jamaican Reggae group and we I enjoyed them! However, others may have enjoyed laughing about it because they thought they were going to get some Italian music.

Counting joy for people around the table, cooking a meal together, dirty dishes, fun music, lots of laughter, good conversation, and clean dishes.


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