February challenge: counting joy


February is here and as I’ve been thinking more about joy and what it looks like I was inspired by Anne Voskamp and her blog. For the month of February I will be counting joy each day as I look at the things around me that make me smile, laugh, encourage me as well as things I hope make other people smile (you!). Today marks the first day and I found many simple things throughout the day that brought me much joy…

I turned the page of my calendar at work to February which reminded me of some dear friends and a fun camping trip we went on this past summer…


I borrowed a few of these for a birthday party to weekend on groundhogs day, how fun!


I saw my friend perform in her last dance performance in State College (for now) before she moves next week…


Sharing nachos late at night while catching up with some wonderful friends who are in town…




  1. I love the fact that you have chosen to count joy for the month of February. What a great idea! I just discovered your blog this morning by doing a search on the word “joy” on WordPress. I also like the fact that you tend to focus your writing on positive things and for that reason I have chosen to follow your blog. Have fun counting your joy this month. You have inspired me to remember to do the same!


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