A glorious life-full day

When you take a day and mix it together with some life-stuff, learning, and friends, what do you get? A glorious-full day. That was my day yesterday when it started out by my dad coming over and generously spent some time looking at our broken dryer. During this time, he pulled pieces out and tested them and showed me how it all worked while trying to figure out what was wrong with it. I learned a bit about how a dryer works and what the pieces were…and came to find that a small part was no longer working and it was full of a lot of lint. (lesson learned here will be another post).
After he was done looking at our dryer he started checking out other things in our basement – where I learned that I should have been changing the filter for the heater every couple of months. I’ve lived there for about 3 years and haven’t done that… ever. Whoops.
While he was there he also went around and fixed some of the minor things that we’ve just allowed to be the way they were… mostly because we didn’t know how to fix them or know where to begin. I realize this is the way that my father shows he loves me, he does things for me – he serves. I also realize this is the way I receive love, when people do things for me, like fix things or clean off my car when it snows, especially when I don’t ask for it or am looking for help. So I was grateful that my dad came over to take care of me and show me with his actions that he loved me.


My next adventure of the day took me to Altoona, which is about an hour from where I live now where I visited with some friends who live there. We enjoyed some lunch and then ventured off to the nearest lowe’s home repair store. Turns out my friend also needed a filter for her heater too. So we took care of life-stuff together like purchasing filters and waiting in line at the gas station to fill up my gastank. I think it’s more fun to do things like this with friends – it’s doing life and experiencing things together that I find brings a richness to these relationships. (Quality time is my number one love-language).


Our next adventure of the day took us to a lovely Italian restaurant in Altoona called Lena’s, where we met up with some friends. It was great to reconnect with some friends from college and the past to catch up on life over a delicious meal. One of my favorite things in life = friends + food + good conversation = amazingness!



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