Latest learning lesson… goodbye allergy!

What have I learned lately?! That I am no longer allergic to cashews! I have spent all of my life being told that I was allergic to cashews… so I just stayed away from them. However, last week my friend made this amazing meal not knowing about “my allergy”. The filling just so happened to be cashews soaked and mashed and wrapped in zucchini.


It looked so good and I didn’t want to miss out… plus I figured it may not be a bad idea to see if I’m still allergic or not. (Why not?!) My friends were prepared to take me to the ER in case I had a reaction. We were open to an adventure that evening.

After I tried a spoonful and I didn’t break out in hives nor did my throat close up I figured I could eat the whole thing! And it was a-mazing! Plus, no more cashew allergy! Hooray!

It’s interesting to think that I have gone through all of my life (I was 3 when I had my first and only reaction) knowing I had this allergy and now I don’t!

It makes me wonder what else I don’t do or try because I have gone through all or most of my life thinking that I can’t do it or shouldn’t do it. So, here’s to trying new things and being willing to step out of my comfort zone more!


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